Vallejo Liquid Mask

Vallejo Liquid Mask

Liquid Mask is used to protect areas on a model, keeping them free from paint when you are applying paint to an adjacent area.

Creates a protective film over the area, Liquid Mask is then easily removed once the paint has dried, leaving the area beneath free from the applied paint layer.



Apply to the area to be protected from further paint and wait for the Liquid Mask to fully dry. Continue painting the unprotected area. Finally, once the paint has dried, remove the Liquid Mask by rubbing with a cloth etc to reveal the original painted layer!

We highly recommend checking out the available YouTube tutorials from Vallejo, to get the best results from this product, before applying to your models!

Safety Warnings: Please read the safety warnings printed on the bottle carefully before use!! We cannot accept responsibility for damage or injury caused by misuse of the product.




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