Aliens: Another Glorious Day In The Corps – Doors

Themed Doors and Barricaded Tokens for Aliens: Another Glorious Day In The Corps Board Game.

Designed for Aliens: AGDITC, enhance your gaming experience with these robust and stylish themed 3D printed accessories!

Although cardboard door tiles are not actually supplied with the game, doors play a key part in the missions, blocking line of sight and they can also be Barricaded to prevent Xeno and Blip movement through them!

24 individual 3D Printed Doors and 12 Barricaded Tokens are supplied as follows:

20 x Aliens Single Door
4 x Aliens Double Door
12 x Barricaded Tokens (8x Single Door, 4x Double Door size)

The number of doors supplied corresponds with the number of door openings printed on the game boards for the Hadley’s Hope missions.

The doors slide easily in and out of the frames to allow them to be shown in an open or closed position, and no further assembly is required.

The Barricaded Tokens slot comfortably on top of the closed door and are easily visible during gameplay.

Printed in multiple colours. No painting required.

Small Door Dimensions

L34mm x W14mm x H46mm

Large Door Dimensions

L46mm x W14mm x H51mm


High Quality PLA


Doors and Tokens are supplied in the colours shown in the product photos however, if you have a specific request for different colours, please add a note at checkout, detailing your requirements, and we'll do our best to accommodate you.