Zombicide 2nd Edition Doors, Tokens & Pimp Crates

Themed Doors, Objective Doors, Objective Tokens & Pimp Crates for Zombicide: 2nd Edition Board Game

Suitable for Zombicide 2nd Edition, completely replace all cardboard door and objective tiles supplied with the game with these robust and stylish themed 3D accessories!

17 individual 3D Printed Hinged Modern Style Doors, 12 Objective Tokens and 12 Pimp Crates are supplied:

Modern Doors
15 x Zombicide Modern Doors – Various Styles
1 x Zombicide Modern Objective Door – Blue
1 x Zombicide Modern Objective Door – Green

Objective Tokens
8 x Zombicide Red Cross Objective Tokens
2 x Zombicide Red Cross Objective Tokens with hidden marker (blue & green)
1 x Zombicide Green Cross Objective Token
1 x Zombicide Blue Cross Objective Token

Pimp Crates
12 x Gold Pimp Crates

Functional articulated design – The doors attach to the frames on handmade metal hinges which allow them to be set in an open or closed position.

Multiple door designs supplied adding variety and realism to your Zombicide: 2nd Edition games!

Objective Token crate design is aligned to the theme of the Zombicide: 2nd Edition game as well as being robust and stable, making mixing the hidden tokens easy and preventing accidental knockover during games.

Two of the Red Tokens have a different coloured hidden marker underneath, which allows them to be used either as standard objective tokens or in missions where the tokens needed to unlock the matching coloured doors are randomly hidden among the other red tokens!

No assembly or painting required.

Door Dimensions

L28mm x W28mm x H49mm

Objective Dimensions

L31mm x W21mm x H16mm

Pimp Crate Dimensions

L31mm x W21mm x H16mm


High Quality PLA

Additional Information

Doors and Tokens are supplied in the colours shown in the product photos however, if you have a specific request for different colours, please add a note at checkout, detailing your requirements, and we'll do our best to accommodate you.