Zombicide 2nd Edition Sleeved Card Holder Set

Themed Card & Counter Holders for Zombicide: 2nd Edition Board Game

Robust, durable, stylish and lightweight, these Card Holders are designed to perfectly hold Zombicide 2nd Edition sleeved cards and tokens. Prevent accidental deck spills and keep cards tidy during your games!

3 individual 3D Printed Card Holders are supplied:

1 x Zombicide 2nd Edition Sleeved Zombie Spawn Card Holder
1 x Zombicide 2nd Edition Sleeved Equipment Card Holder
1 x Zombicide 2nd Edition Noise Token, Pimpweapon & Abomination Card Holder plus Pimpmobile & Police Car Reference Card Organiser

The left side compartment is the draw deck. Easily holds 100 FFS Yellow sleeved game cards which are stored upright for ease of drawing.

The right side compartment is the discard deck. Comfortably holds 100 discarded game cards which are stored flat. It also has a raised Zombicide 2nd Edition themed design on the bottom, which allows easy deck removal.

The Counter holder accommodates all Noise Tokens supplied with the game. Raised design ensures easy access when drawing tokens. In addition, this Holder also accommodates Pimpweapon and Abomination Cards, as well as organiser slots for the Pimpmobile and Police Car reference cards so they are kept to hand and can be easily read during the game.

Card Holder Dimensions

L105.5mm x W77mm x H63mm

Counter Holder Dimensions

L97mm x W57mm x H47mm


High Quality PLA

Additional Information

Different colours are available. Check the photos to view the available colours and then choose from the drop down menus.