Zombicide Counter Holder

Themed Counter Holders for Zombicide Board Games

Robust, durable, stylish and lightweight, these Counter Holders are designed to perfectly hold Zombicide counters, tokens and/ or cards, specific to each Zombicide game type! Keep your noise counters tidy during your games!

There are separate holders for Zombicide: 2nd Edition, Zombicide: Black Plague, Zombicide: Invader and Zombicide: Classic

A single individual 3D Printed Counter Holder is supplied.

All Counter Holders will accommodate all Noise Tokens supplied with the game and have a raised design which ensures easy access when drawing tokens. In addition to the Noise Tokens, each has game specific slots for counters, cards or tokens which are unique to each Zombicide game type as follows:

The 2nd Edition holder accommodates Pimpweapon and Abomination Cards, as well as organiser slots for the Pimpmobile and Police Car reference cards.

The Black Plague holder accommodates Necromancer Spawn Cards and Dragon Bile counters.

The Invader holder accommodates Oxygen Tank Cards and Prototype Weapons, as well as organiser slots for the Falchion Sentry Gun and Peacekeeper Bot reference cards.

The Classic holder accommodates the old style Skill counters and Wounded Cards (sleeved and non-sleeved)

Dimensions (Max)

L97mm x W61mm x H47mm


High Quality PLA

Additional Information

Different colours are available. Select your Counter Holder type then choose the colour from the drop down menus.