Fallen Trees & Stumps

Scenery & Terrain for Warhammer AOS, Dungeons & Dragons and all other Fantasy Wargames and RPGs

These highly detailed 3D printed Fallen Trees & Stumps are designed to perfectly compliment ANY tabletop miniatures game that uses 28mm-32mm scale models, including D&D and Warhammer AoS!

Four individual 3D Printed Fallen Trees & Stumps are supplied:

2 x Fallen Trees
2 x Tree Stumps

Excellent as either tabletop wargame scenery & terrain or as part of a new or ongoing RPG quest narrative!

Perfect for dioramas. These fallen trees and stumps can be used as printed or can be decorated with foliage etc readily available from any modelling shops.

Fallen Trees and Stumps supplied unpainted. Can be painted as desired using any standard modelling paints.

Fallen Tree 1

L86mm x W30mm x H20mm

Fallen Tree 2

L106mm x W43mm x H30mm

Tree Stumps

L106mm x W43mm x H30mm


Models supplied to above dimensions but can easily be scaled up or down. Please ask if you have a specific requirement.


Printed in brown high-quality, PLA filament. Please contact us if you'd like a different colour.


Commercially licensed to print & supply all Printable Scenery models Worldwide. Please contact us for a quote on any item not already listed on our website.