Sharkfin Abomination 3

Miniatures for Fantasy Wargames and RPGs

Summoned from the darkest depths and driven by primordial hunger, Sharkfin Abominations are 3D printed resin miniatures from Pariah Miniatures.

A single Sharkfin Abomination, as per the product photos, is supplied.

Printed in ultra-high detail on an SLA resin printer, this miniature is suitable for a wide variety of fantasy tabletop wargames and RPGs!

All supports are removed and the model is washed, cured and tidied, ready to paint straight from the box!

Model is supplied unpainted but can be painted using any standard modelling paints.

No assembly required, the Sharkfin Abomination is printed in a single piece.

Separate bases 3D printed in black filament are also supplied. Please note, these are printed on an FDM printer.

Miniature Scale



Miniatures are printed in high quality resin. Bases are printed in PLA.




Commercially licensed to print and supply miniatures from the exceptionally talented Pariah Miniatures.