Zombies – Modern – Set 1

Themed miniatures for Zombie games set in a modern environment, such as Zombicide, The Walking Dead etc.

Suitable for Zombicide Classic or 2nd Edition – avoid the dreaded ‘extra activation’ caused by running out of zombie minis!

These are 3D printed resin miniatures.

5 Zombie miniatures, in a variety of styles are supplied.

Printed in ultra-high detail on an SLA resin printer. Resin printing offers finer details than FDM printing resulting in no visible print lines!

Resin prints are washed, cured and have all supports removed before shipping.

Models supplied unpainted. Can be painted using any standard modelling paints.

Each Zombie miniature is printed in a single part with the base attached. No assembly is required.

Miniature Height

32mm (from base)


High-Quality Resin



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