OpenLOCK Floors 2″x2″

Scenery & Terrain for Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder and all other Fantasy Wargames and RPGs

These highly detailed 3D printed OpenLOCK Floor tiles are designed to perfectly compliment RPG game that uses 28mm-32mm scale models including DnD, Pathfinder and many more!

All Floor tiles in this product listing are the ‘E’ style OpenLOCK Floor tiles which are 2″ x 2″ in size.

Several options for Floor tile number and style are available.

Excellent as RPG dungeon building terrain. The modular OpenLOCK system allows numerous different configurations of the Floor tiles as well as being able to combine them with anyĀ other OpenLOCK compatible tiles! With a huge range of OpenLOCK styles available, the possibilities are infiniteā€¦.

Each Floor tile is individually printed as a single part. There are 9 different styles available. See photos for tile styles.

Floor tiles are supplied unpainted. Can be painted as desired using any standard modelling paints.

Supplied with OpenLOCK clips, used to connect the parts together.

Tile Dimensions

L2" x W2" x H0.5"


Printed in either iron grey or brown high-quality PLA filament, depending on style selected, ie brown for wood, grey for rock. Other colours are available, please contact us or add a note when purchasing and we'll do our best to accommodate


Commercially licensed to print & supply all Printable Scenery models in the UK. Please contact us for a quote on any item not already listed on our website.