SALE ITEM – Cyber Shop (Standard)

In the world of 3D printing, every once in a while, it can all go a bit wrong…..

Whether due to printer mishap, experimentation, scale fail, mishandling etc, these are the models that didn’t make our very high standards for supply to our customers.

Instead of throwing them away (we hate waste), we’re offering them here, at a heavily discounted price, to those who don’t mind a bit of work bringing them up to scratch, or just want to use the parts for a diorama or bespoke terrain piece etc.

See the Specifications tab for a brief description, where possible, of what particular ‘defect’ affects each sale item.

This Sale Product Listing is for a single Cyber Shop building printed at ‘standard’ size.

Sorry folks, some T&Cs do apply:

  • – The models in this offering are already printed and are supplied as seen in the photos opposite. Please check the photos carefully and make sure you are happy before making a purchase!
  • – These are single offer items. Once they are gone, they are gone!
    – Scale is as per the listing photos. Use the miniatures in the photos as reference. Exact measurements can be supplied on request.
    – No colour options are available. As per the above, models are supplied as shown in the photos.
    – Minis are not included 😉
    – These are not ‘used’ items. They are all brand new, just wonky.
    – Sorry, we don’t accept returns, replacements or refunds on any of these items.

What's Wrong With It?

Nothing. Printed for product photos.

Scale & Colour

As per photos.

Normal Product Price



Commercially licensed to print & supply the Cyber Shop model from CyberDistrict.

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