Geek Gaming – Base Ready Grimdark City Ruins

We are proud to supply products from Geek Gaming Scenics!

The Base Ready product range are Geek Gaming’s custom hand-mixed mixture of sands, gravels, foams, static grass, sawdust and aggregates.

Perfect for giving your miniatures & terrain a Grimdark effect!

A single pack of Base Ready – Grimdark City Ruins material is supplied.

Combine with Geek Gaming’s fast drying basing glue and grass tufts, and have an army fit for any competition or battle in minutes!

Apply the basing glue, dip the base in the Base Ready Mix, allow to dry – All done, with no painting required!

(Plastic container is for photo display purposes only, and is not supplied. Material supplied in Geek Gaming bag as pictured)


Approx: 200g


Mixed composition

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