Geek Gaming – Clump Foliage – Mid Green

We are proud to supply products from Geek Gaming Scenics!

Clump Foliage products can be used for a multitude of different effects, placed directly on to a layout to create realistic foliage or the use of a little material can produce amazing effects such as small shrubs or plants to define pathways or the edges of a forest or for adding foliage to shrubs and trees etc.

The durable nature of the product makes it ideal for Wargaming Boards, Train Layouts, Dioramas and other hobbies where frequent handling can be an issue.

A single pack of Clump Foliage – Mid Green is supplied.

Clump Foliage can be plucked or torn into irregular sizes and clumps or cut with scissors or knife for a neater look.

Absorbs adhesives and glues and retains original colour once adhesives have dried.

Easy to blend with other colours to give a more distinct and refined blend


Mid Green

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