Wargaming Terrain – City Ruins – Scatter Terrain – Set 1

3D Printed Terrain For Warhammer 40K & Tabletop Wargames

Robust and durable, stylish and lightweight, these detailed ruins add extra dimension and realism to your tabletop battlefield enhance play as you take the fight to the enemy among the ruins of a once proud and thriving city!

5 individual 3D Printed City Ruins Small Section Scatter Terrain pieces are supplied.

Designed for use with Warhammer 40,000 and any other 28mm-35mm scale wargames, keep your troops under the safety of cover whilst taking advantage of the numerous firing positions to keep the enemy advance at bay!

5 individual pieces of scatter terrain are supplied.

No assembly or painting required. All our terrain is battle ready however, if you wish, it can be painted using any standard modelling paints.

Corner Section Dimensions

L:86mm, W:91mm, H:50mm

T-Section Dimensions

L:124mm, W:73.5mm, H:53mm

Small Sections Dimensions

L:56mm, W:56mm, H:46mm


High Quality PLA

Additional Information

Wargaming Terrain is supplied in iron grey colour, as shown in the product photos however, if you have a request for different colours, please add a note at checkout, detailing your requirements, and we'll do our best to accommodate you.