V2 Rocket

The V2 rocket was developed during World War 2 by Nazi Germany and was the world’s first long-range guided ballistic missile.

It was used as a “vengeance weapon” against Allied cities as retaliation for the Allied bombings of German cities.

Powered by a liquid-propellant rocket engine and travelling at supersonic speed, the V2 impacted without audible warning and proved to be unstoppable, as no effective defence existed at the time.

A single 3D printed V2 Rocket is supplied

Scaled for Bolt Action and other 28mm Wargames, the V2 Rocket provides an exciting scatter terrain piece or game objective!

The V2 Rocket is printed and supplied in a single part. No assembly required.

V2 Rocket is supplied unpainted. Can be painted as desired using any standard modelling paints.


L52mm x W52mm x H202mm


Models supplied to either of the above dimensions but can easily be scaled up or down. Please ask if you have a specific requirement.


Printed in iron grey high-quality PLA filament. Other colours are available, please contact us or add a note when purchasing and we'll do our best to accommodate.